Current Students PhD

Ms. Anna Soleski -Accretion processes of sand-bedded meandering rivers 

Ms. Pamela Tetford – Hydraulic geometry adjustments of S. Ontario rivers to regime shifts


M.Sc (recently graduated)

Ms. Ayana Aden –

The Impact of the Mount Polley Tailings Pond Failure on the Sedimentary Record of Quesnel Lake, British Columbia

Mr. Alex Cebulski –¬†

The glaciolacustrine sediment record of Cariboo Lake, BC: Implications for Holocene fluvial and glacial watershed dynamics

Ms. Sarah Seale-

Geoarchaeology: Analyzing the Relationships Between Fluvial Environments, Fluvial Processes, and the Presence of Archaic/Woodland Occupation Sites in Southern Ontario


Ms. Esther Busheuv –

Hydrologic implications of Holocene sedimentation in the Keithly Cr. sub-basin, Cariboo Lake, BC